摘要:我来回答 在GS比较低的时候大概GS5000的时候是全敏捷宝石 生存 在到5500的时候射击了就开始堆破甲宝石也是破甲以满破为目标 这里有些人会问是否有了ZS和XD的破甲 只需要到75破甲呢 其


在GS比较低的时候大概GS5000的时候是全敏捷宝石 生存


这里有些人会问是否有了ZS和XD的破甲 只需要到75破甲呢


第3当GS很高的时候 装备破甲已经到达100%的时候 选择AP宝石最好

因为暴击够了 AP可以提高毒蛇和奇美拉毒蛇 这部分的大量伤害

我现在GS5900在不打血兽的情况下 ICC4王的DPS基本每次都是13500左右


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Currently i have to deal with the problem of delivering goods, concerning your opinion: first of all, because of your small order each time, we took too much cost for exporting issues(cost of custom declaration and verification were around USD$150), which made a serious cost burden to our company, therefore we hope this time your order could be one time larger in quantity,namely, from original 1000pcs to 2000pcs, if not, we'll increase the price by 20%, namely USD$0.516/pc; then, if the order could go smoothly, we demand to find a shipping agent by ourselves(for the charge of your appointed shipping agent was much higher than the market level, causing much cost for us),for another, the related freight in on your side, cash on delivery, pls inform us your company account no. thanks!

Currently my some problem that the concerning the × × ×s take delivery of goodses need both parties, the consultation resolve: first, because your company the order measured each time small, my company exit undertake of the miscellaneous fee lead high(each one take delivery of goods of pay customs duties pit to sell to wait the expenses or so in the USD150 dollarses) but result in super burden of cost of my company, so hope this time order's wanting the goods quantity can enlarge 100%, namely the × × × from originally of 1000 the pieces adjust to 2000 the pieces, if the quantity can't increase 100%, so I hope the price of this product correspond up adjust 20% namely the USD0.516/piece;secondly, if this order can go on wheel, my company requests to by oneself look for the goods a company(the expensive department of the reason specify of the goods a company expenses high in the market price too many, result in my company cost too big), moreover, among them, the related freight is to need your company to undertake of, cash on delivery, please your company of the numbered account tells us!

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